Python Snakeskin Leather 101: What You Need To Know Before Purchasing

Nowadays, genuine python snakeskin leather accessories are the hottest fashion trend. They are fabulous and look simply irresistible! Most women can’t resist the temptation of buying such a gorgeous accessory!

If you want to look trendy and hot, you should definitely purchase python snakeskin leather accessories for yourself. But you must ensure that you are buying the real thing, since there are many fakes in the market.

How to tell a genuine python snakeskin leather from imitation? There are several ways to do it.

1) Genuine python snakeskin leather products is inimitable in its beauty. Each python snakeskin leather has its own individual pattern. Therefore, if you see two absolutely same python snakeskin leather products – it’s imitation.

2) Genuine python snakeskin leather can’t be smooth. It is rough to the touch & distinctly three-dimensional. Each unique scale will lift or bend when pushing your finger against the grain and if you look closely (for example in the photo below of our product), you can see each scale as a separate element.

3) Genuine python snakeskin leather is susceptible to the warmth. If you will touch snakeskin, the material will immediately get warm from the heat of your palm. Faux leather, on the contrary, heats slowly enough.

4) Genuine python snakeskin leather accessories are considerably more expensive than accessories made of imitation leather. 

In our online store we sell only genuine python snakeskin leather products. Also note, that all python leather products in our collection are handcrafted by experienced and well-trained artisans.

It might be hard to impress people with accessory, but genuine python snakeskin leather accessories will definitely attract everybody’s attention and will add elegance and luxury to your outfit!